Italian style


The style and elegance of Italy’s design tradition meet worldclass standards of innovation, sustainability and impeccable quality. This is our vision, developed over decades of experience, always ready to explore new solutions for interiors that are beautifully curated, refined, and simply unique.

Half a century of history, always designing the future

Bizzotto Italia has been the name for prestigious Italian elegance in interiors all around the world for 50 years: three generations for a unique vision of luxury furniture that surprises even the most demanding eye. With striking designs, excellence throughout every detail, and profound commitment to values of beauty, balance and sustainability.

Our promise to the future is not only one of style and quality that transcend time, but one of fair and responsible use of resources: from the wood and materials we source to the energy we self-produce with our photovoltaic plant.

Bespoke style at your side

Our custom projects are the new definition of style and quality for interiors.

Architects, interior designers and real estate developers: we are a trusted partner for professionals seeking true knowledge of the art of furniture making, combined with a modern approach to methods.

Our clean lines, original shapes, curated palette and select materials embody Italy’s undeniable charm – and bring to life any space with a total look composed with passion, refinement and ideal aesthetic taste.


A journey in style

With its sinuous, oblique lines and timeless shapes, the Nara collection draws an original itinerary from contemporary style to deep awareness: for sustainability, high quality, and the refined standard of Made-in-Italy tradition.

True beauty, inspired by different cultures around the world: a curious, refined and cosmopolitan soul speaks through every curated detail, every choice material, every soft and delicate color.

Innovative finishes and solutions complement and enhance the creativity and mastery developed over decades at Bizzotto Italia. A collection of contrasts in perfect harmony, made for universal and eternal balance.

Let us welcome you into the world of our latest collection.

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