“The inspiration for all our creations comes from an inexhaustible technical-artistic tradition, transformed day by day into new interpretations of style with a strong personality and unique details.”

Tiziano Bizzotto
Creative Director

Ideas and projects take shape. This is how B-LAB was created, a stimulating and multidisciplinary brand where technical and creative skills are intertwined, ranging from the design of the single product to complete projects and marketing. Versatile technical-constructive expertise, theory and aesthetics of interior design, and the work of a team that embodies the deepest meaning of the Bizzotto Italia collections.

At the summit is the professionalism of Tiziano Bizzotto, who has been the company’s creative director since the beginning. The passion for details and artistic sensibility are thus intertwined with the new design and stylistic vision of Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto, a fresh and contemporary approach derived from her professional experiences in Milan architecture and design studios.

“Creativity as continuous experimentation that is able to “communicate” the fusion between Material, Form and Colour.


The word “designing” stems from the Latin “proiectare”, meaning “to throw forwards”. This is the challenge we face every day to create products with innovative designs.”

Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto
Interior Designer

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