• Sidney 118
  • Sidney 118

A true icon of the Bizzotto Italia style, the Sidney collection is a great tribute to nature, in one of its most imposing manifestations: briarwood becomes the unmistakable element in a design that is focused on art and respect for the environment. The centuries-old beauty of the trees creates unique pieces, interpreted with a contemporary twist.
Briar is a totally natural material since it is the result of a rare, spontaneous formation that develops very slowly on the tree trunk, as a consequence of particular climate conditions.

The wood is derived only from trees that have fallen due to natural phenomena and does not result from deforestation.
The power of nature in its manifestation thus translates into creations with a strong visual impact, giving the furnishings the warm colours of the earth and the tactile sensation of living matter. The key features of the Bizzotto Italia style include details such as the inclusions in resin with sheets of silver leaf or gold leaf, or metal joints in the shape of a butterfly or animals, such as the crocodile.

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